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Our Board of Directors

InControl Wisconsin’s Board of Directors is comprised of people with disabilities, family members of people with disabilities, and people who work in human services. The Board of Directors has overall responsibility for the strategic leadership and governance of InControl.

Jenny Felty, Vicky Gunderson, George Zaske, Laura Hanson, Nancy Gapinski, Mary Hasse, Marion Holmberg, Hasmig Tempesta, Jason Glozier, Cindy Desch 


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Stacy Ellingen is independently contracted with In Control Wisconsin as the Communications Specialist. She runs the Self-Determination Network and helps maintain the website. She provides not only a professional perspective, but also uses her lived experience to advocate for people with different abilities.

Stacy’s advocacy and self-determination have gotten her where she is today. She believes all people with and without disabilities can lead successful lives if given the appropriate supports. She is very passionate about advocating for people with disabilities. She serves on multiple disability advocacy councils and is involved in various projects across the state. She’s a host on the Self-Determination Channel on YouTube and loves to share her story. She has done everything from presenting at conferences, to speaking at press events about the need for better services, to writing editorials in newspapers, to speaking with legislators… She has dedicated her life to being an advocate.

Ginny Lukken is independently contracted with InControl Wisconsin as their bookkeeper since 2017. When Ginny’s youngest daughter was born with hydrocephalies and spina bifida she got involved with the disability “world”. She served on the Council on Physical Disabilities Board and worked with a disability association for over 16 years.

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David Verban has a long history of leading people and organizations to create inclusive, welcoming environments. He has, throughout his life, worked to support people to live meaningful, self-determined lives by building community and connecting people to their dreams and passions. He has done this work as the Director of non-profit agencies, as a senior leader at TMG, an organization that partners with people across Wisconsin to improve the quality of their health and long-term care, and as a Senior Diversity and Inclusion Consultant at Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston.

Earlier in his career, he worked in supported employment, and as an advocate for children and adults with disabilities and their families. Dave is also an educator who has taught at the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health.


Shannon Webb  over 25 years of experience working in the field of employment, school-to-work transition, and Home and Community Based Services for people with disabilities. Since 2005, she has been fostering innovation as a Subject Matter Expert for state and federal initiatives to increase competitive integrated employment and meaningful community inclusion for youth and adults with disabilities. Shannon has extensive experience building coalitions, facilitating community conversations, and providing training and technical assistance to stakeholders at all levels. Shannon is known for her creative problem solving and results-oriented work.

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