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We asked our board members this essential question...

What motivates you to be part of the InControl Wisconsin board and to advocate for self-determination?

Julie Burish

Brookfield, WI

"I believe that self-determination is being recognized as a whole person with the ability to determine/choose every aspect of your life and being afforded the dignity to do so regardless of your ability. Unfortunately, systems, attitudes and administrative burden make this very difficult for people with disabilities. InControl is uniquely situated and has the ability to advocate in a way that other advocacy groups cannot. It is this unique position that makes me excited about advocating for change and giving voice to the self advocates who use services in Wisconsin."

Patti Becker

Madison, WI

"Self-Determination and self-direction are the pathways to ensure access to civil rights for all people regardless of disability, or lived experience. It is important to that InControl continue to have a role in identifying and educating best practices for self-determination in Wisconsin, as well as, create resources that enhance both private and publicly funded community based supports."

"I am motivated to be part of the InControl Wisconsin board and to advocate for self-determination because I believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to live a self-directed life. I have had a positive impact that self-determination can have on people's lives and I am passionate about helping others achieve their goals. I have a personal connection to the issue of self-determination. I want to make sure that other people with disabilities have the same opportunities as everyone else. I am also motivated by my belief in the power of advocacy. I know that change can happen when people speak up for themselves and for others. I am committed to using my voice to advocate for self-determination for people with disabilities."

Felicia Clayborne

Wauwatosa, WI

"I am passionate about people’s right to direct their lives and their supports and services. I believe that our communities are richer when people with disabilities are engaged and that we are all safer and healthier when we are connected to others. I want to be involved in an organization committed to these same principles."

Cindy Desch

Madison, WI

Vicky Gunderson

Onalaska WI

"I love people and believes every person should know they have an option to self-direct their life. Being a part of InControl provides opportunities to network with others, to be a voice and to act upon the expansion of self-directed long-term services in Wisconsin, and to assist in influencing best practices."

George Zaske

River Falls, WI

"I am motivated to participate on the InControl board because it is an independent organization with a focus on self-determination. I have an adult son an intellectual disability. I would like him to be able to decide for himself what he wants from his life. He wants that too. Many of the systems and institutions have a medical model for supporting people with disabilities. That is not InControl’s approach. An approach I am committed to see grow and flourish."


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