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Caring Accross Cultures Will Go Live September 2024

Caring Across Cultures

Welcome to the Caring Across Cultures (CAC) learning community. CAC is a free, web-based learning experience for direct care workers and the employers who receive their services, specifically older adults and people with disabilities. Our learning materials focus on enriching the relationship between these two groups who often have different cultural backgrounds. 

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The Caring Across Cultures Course


Who are the CAC materials for?

Our materials are for people with disabilities who want to live in their own homes instead of a nursing home or a group home, and for the direct care workers who help them to do that. Both groups can use the information and tools provided here to build relationships that can withstand the inevitable challenges


Why use the CAC Materials?

Our materials support learners in taking an active role in building healthier relationships. The learning process involves self-reflection and an exploration of how and why people are different. It offers opportunities for learners to get to know each other better, and presents skills that learners can use to improve the quality of their communication. Better understanding and communication makes lasting relationships possible.


How do I use the materials?

Each of the four courses takes  15 minutes or less to complete. Employers and workers can view courses together or on their own.  


In addition to the courses, there is a library of short documents that provide helpful information and practices for both employers and workers. You can look at these documents on the website, or print them.




For Workers

Worker Rights

Worker Responsibilities

Eligibility Primer

For Employers

Employer Legal  Responsibilities

Employer Best Practices

Tips for Writing Job Descriptions and Announcements

Interview Tips

For Workers & Employers

How I Interact With People

Exploring My Identity

Preparing for Challenging Conversations

Language Resources

Caring Across Cultures Materials

Facilitator Guide

Course Home Page

Additional Resources


Many individuals and organizations helped InControl Wisconsin create Caring Across Cultures.  Primary funding for the research and development of CAC was provided by the Wisconsin Department of Health Services, through a grant from the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA).  Work was carried out by the CAC team, including project managers Cindy Desch and David Verban, instructional designer Dawn Ramin, InControl Associate Stacy Ellingen, and Michelle Roach and her team at Promote Local.


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